Hi All. Do NOT deal with this scammer - Mrs June. DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. Block this email address if you can. junerayjr34@gmail.com. This is the story they send you.

My Name is Mrs June and Thanks for your response. I am so sorry for not responding back to your message on time it was due to being busy with work, good to know the ( bike ) available for sale and still in good condition as it was described on the advert. I want you to know i have a courier company that will come for the pick up of the item, so you don't have to other your self shipping the item, i will handle the shipping expenses. I am an oceanographer and am presently working on sea due to my status of work, i won't be able to see it but i will be okay with pictures if available and i would be happy to purchase it from you, no return or any complain.

I will be making making payment through Pay pal because my bank account is linked to my Pay pal account and Pay pal is a secured method of payment for both the buyer and seller. Kindly email me a Pay pal money request invoice direct to my verified Pay pal email which is the same as my email address junerayjr34@gmail.com to proceed with the payment. I believe you can set up a Pay pal account easily at www. PayPal.com if you don't have one. Looking forward to hear back from you soon.. A full description of an attempt is here. Or on the ABC website

Scammer Alert

Scam is as follow:

Shows interest in the item asks a few questions.  
One question is can they pay by PayPal
Agrees price but says they need to use a pick up agent to pickup and deliver the item.
Says the Pickup agent doesn’t take PayPal but will take MoneyGram (or I guess any other money transferring service)
However they are overseas and cannot arrange the pickup.
Then ask if they can pay you the extra money for he delivery and you send the money for delivery to the pickup agent.
If you agree they send a fake email from PayPal (comes from a gmail account so not very sophisticated) saying the money for the goods will be released into the PayPal account once the delivery money is sent to the pick up agent.
So you send money to the agent and guess what - nothing turns up in PayPal.
Not sure there's much you can do but perhaps advise people the obvious…..

...double check money is cleared (goes for any Financial Institution) before releasing goods or paying for delivery.
...PayPal does not support conditional transactions
...check email addresses - no major corporate will use a gmail, hotmail etc account

The email was from  laurenelizabeth363@gmail.com but I’d guess they change that every time