Hi All. Do NOT deal with this scammer - Mrs June. DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. Block this email address if you can. junerayjr34@gmail.com. This is the story they send you.

My Name is Mrs June and Thanks for your response. I am so sorry for not responding back to your message on time it was due to being busy with work, good to know the ( bike ) available for sale and still in good condition as it was described on the advert. I want you to know i have a courier company that will come for the pick up of the item, so you don't have to other your self shipping the item, i will handle the shipping expenses. I am an oceanographer and am presently working on sea due to my status of work, i won't be able to see it but i will be okay with pictures if available and i would be happy to purchase it from you, no return or any complain.

I will be making making payment through Pay pal because my bank account is linked to my Pay pal account and Pay pal is a secured method of payment for both the buyer and seller. Kindly email me a Pay pal money request invoice direct to my verified Pay pal email which is the same as my email address junerayjr34@gmail.com to proceed with the payment. I believe you can set up a Pay pal account easily at www. PayPal.com if you don't have one. Looking forward to hear back from you soon.. A full description of an attempt is here. Or on the ABC website

Triathlon Transition Mat

Strong neoprene construction (73 x 54cm)

* Compact and easy to keep clean * Strong neoprene construction (73 x 54cm) * Lightweight and easily rolls up to fit in your sports bag * Keeps your feet clean and dry in transition * Bright colors make it easier to spot gear in transition * Helps to organize gear in transition * Great for surfers and family to keep in the back of car for beach days * A selection of five (5 colours available) - pink, orange, purple, blue or green (Please provide preference) * $15 each or a pack of 5 for $50 (yes... buy 4 and get 1 free). Postage approximately $12.

$15 each or a pack of 5 for $50

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Give Danielle a call or send them an email at drose09@bigpond.com.