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Ken Raupach

ActivFit Physiotherapy, Cycle Training, Fitness, and Massage


Attached are various training programmes and drills that may be relevant to your sports or particular event, and that you may use as a guide, however consultation with a personal trainer is recommended to create an individual programme best for you.

For more information about a training programme, send Ken an email and he can set up an individual programme after a consultation, at which time he can assess your fitness and discuss your goals, or phone him on (02) 9922 2310.

Download the pdf files from here


Ken Raupach is the principal of the ActivFit team.  Ken has had 30 years of private practice experience, running his own practices on the lower North Shore, working extensively in the UK and as a member of the NSW Physiotherapists Registration Board.

His passions in sport are triathlon, athletics, long distance running in particular, road cycling, and rugby union. Ken competed in distance running races at Club, State and National level for many years, in Australia and overseas, completing over 30 marathons, placing in the top 15 in the City to Surf, winning State, National and World Masters Games medals. He still plods around in the major fun runs and competes for his ANSW Club, Sydney Pacific, on the track, still holding 2 Club records from the '80s.  For many years he raced the annual L'Etape de Tour cycle race in France.  Ken recently started competing in distance triathlons, finishing sub 10:20 Ironman and was selected to represent Australia in the ITU World Long Course Triathlon Championships in Spain, July 2012, and the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, October 2013 and 2016, and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2016, where he finished top 10 in his age group.  Ken ranked number 1 in the world in his Ironman age group.  

Ken holds a Australian Track and Field Coaches Association Level 4 Track and Field certification, lectures in Performance Studies Track and Field, and Injury Management at the UTS, works with many international athletes of different sports and provide medical coverage and coaching at Shore and Wenona schools. Ken lectured at Oxford University for a Human Performance Masters degree whilst training and working with the University elite athletes. Ken has worked with the Australian 7's rugby team after 10 years with Norths rugby club.  

In 2009 Ken received a Australian Government Sports Achievement Award for services to Athletics.

Visit Ken's website and make an appointment