Hi All. please be aware that there has been a few attempts for scammers to obtain money from people selling items on the TriTrader website. A full description of an attempt is here.
Note: Because we are getting some many idiots putting items such as mobile phones and inappropriate items on this website, we are having to go back to moderating the product listings. I apologise for this, but your listing will be online as soon as it has been checked and approved after it is submitted. This way we can have the site with Triathlon and Multisport equipment only.

Sell or Buy your preloved triathlon and adventure sports gear.

TriTrader is a classifieds website dedicated to the buying and selling of preloved triathlon and adventure sports gear. Items need to be triathlon and adventure sports related. Listings are free of charges or commissions and are listed for 12 months from the date of listing.

Become a Member. It's FREE. Once you are a member with TriTrader, you will be able to submit your product to be listed for sale. You can edit your listing at any time after logging in.
List the information for your product including up to 4 images. You then contact the buyers and sellers directly using the contact information on their ad to make a purchase or sale of the items. No transactions for the listed items are conducted on the website.

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